The Magic Words

Avoid the #awkward. Embrace the awesome.

The Magic Words

Feel confident in your content.

The Magic Words

Ready to cast a spell?

Relax your shoulders

I know. You probably didn't even realise you were doing it.

As CEICOE (that's Chief Executive In Charge of Everything) you'll be pretty used to wearing your shoulders up around your earlobes.

Between doing day-to-day admin, getting orders or projects organised and keeping your customers happy, it's not surprising you're stressed.

And content is just one more thing to add to your list.

I'm Jo.

I'm guessing you're here because you need....

Good news.

That's kinda my bag (baby.)

You can’t put your finger on it, but something just isn't quite right.

Even though you (and your team, if you've got one) are doing all the right things online, you're frustrated by the lack of interaction.

Why is no-one engaging?

How come open and click through rates on emails are so low?

Or maybe: why the hell is nobody buying?

And while we're on the subject.

Why do your competitors have eleventy billion full-on fans raving about them?

Perhaps, for you, it's a confidence thing.

You feel like your “online voice” doesn't sound anything like your real life voice. It feels fake, and for show and...full of ****.

Whether it's Instagram posts or easy breezy updates for clients, you just can't seem to hit the right note.

You over-analyse and agonise over every blog post, hesitate before hitting send and as for reaching out to new people?

Forget it.

Okay. Breeeeeeeeathe.

You're here now.

Let's get to work.