Create, commence, continue your plans

Create, commence, continue your plans

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Taking action is always the answer.

Without specific goals and habits to keep us on track, our dreams stay ill-defined and unfulfilled.

What does this look like in reality?

In this focus session we work together to define a list of goals and habits to achieve your content and customer goals; adding deadlines, frequency and achievable next actions....and then we set a schedule for checking your progress! (<— that’s the most important part!)

Scheduling specifics

Each of the focus sessions lasts 90 minutes and, unless you’re based in Northern Ireland, takes place on Skype or Zoom.

You’ll also have a pre-session “audit”, which I’ll send to you to fill out (takes about 30 mins of your time) and I’ll analyse (takes me quite a bit longer than 30 minutes 😂) before the session.

For each focus session there will also be “homework” and we’ll have a 30 min call about a week after the 90 minutes session to check in and monitor progress #crackthewhip