Discover, define and deploy your brand voice

Discover, define and deploy your brand voice

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Create your brand voice personality and feel authentic online.

We dig deep and discover your brand’s personality and voice, developing it and defining a communication style that suits.

What does this look like in reality?

In this focus session, we use a storyboard to define your brand voice and from this we work together to produce a style guide. Why? So that your communication with customers, on your website and across social media is consistent. Your guide will range from things like “Happy to swear” through to “This is how we use acronyms”.

Scheduling specifics

Each of the focus sessions lasts 90 minutes and, unless you’re based in Northern Ireland, takes place on Skype or Zoom.

You’ll also have a pre-session “audit”, which I’ll send to you to fill out (takes about 30 mins of your time) and I’ll analyse (takes me quite a bit longer than 30 minutes 😂) before the session.

For each focus session there will also be “homework” and we’ll have a 30 min call about a week after the 90 minutes session to check in and monitor progress #crackthewhip