All-in Instagram - 30 ready-written captions

All-in Instagram - 30 ready-written captions

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30 captions for 30 days...or not. 

Maybe 1 caption a week for the days when Instagram is THE ENEMY.

You don't have to be a slave to the platform, you don't have to think of wildly interesting things to say when you're feeling stuck. You also don't have to revert to discounts, sales and promotions when you'd rather just chat to people.

All you need to do is browse for a caption you like, fill in the blanks, copy, paste and go. I kid you not. It is that simple. These captions are written for you don't even have to think of an opening line.

Here's what you get:

12 x "Life" posts - these are general posts about everyday life and what you're up to.

13 x "Work" posts - these concentrate on getting the message out about what you do and (more importantly) what you can do for others...without resorting to cringeworthy sell-sell-sell content.

5 x "Themed" posts - it's fun (and sanity-saving) to have some days of the week that are reserved for certain subjects - think of all those #throwbackthursday posts we all secretly enjoy). I've included 5 caption templates for themed posts for each day of the week...obviously you can edit as you wish!

You also get....

- Opening line ideas (we all know these can be the toughest part of posts!)

- Tips for engaging, connection-focused content

- General hints and tips

And excitingly you also avail of....

30 x example posts - I've been a writer for the past 15 years. I've picked up a trick or two along the way about writing for social media, so I've also included examples of how I would use these case you get stuck or confused ;) 

Think of All-In Insta as your completely confidential wing woman, because we all need a little help sometimes (and someone to tell us when we've got loo roll on our shoe.)

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