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Instagram Classes

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This Instagram class is just like its big sister Instagram for Humans workshop.

The big difference is it's tailored for you and your business. Oh, and it's just me, you...and up to two more business buddies if you fancy sharing the love (and the cost.)

We'll learn:

  • Who are your humans on Instagram?
  • What do you want from the platform?
  • Where can you get inspiration?
  • When should you post?
  • Why the heck can't you be a great writer?

Simples! We're gonna mix interactive & practical exercises on your purpose and promise on the platform (dang, that's a lot of Ps.) Then we'll check out some cheat sheets to rock your writing, kindle your creativity and boost your self belief. 

So when is it?

These personalised classes are weekday only (I even do evenings, to suit my Mama bears and my retail heroes!) You'll get a link to book your session after you've paid.

And where is it?

Wherever you want (within Northern Ireland...otherwise the travel's on you.)

How much is it?

The class costs £145, and that can be split between up to 3 people (you need to split the bill yourselves though!)

Sound good? Thought so. 

Seriously though. Instagram is an awesome platform and your message matters. Get it out to the humans you want to connect with.


(See what I did there?)

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