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Pre-programme: Current content strategy audit

Before you even start, you’ll get a full audit on the status quo I look at your frustrations and celebrations in the last 12 months, the customers you currently connect with, your focus channels and finally, we’ll get to know your numbers: subscribers, followers, fans, website visitors, conversions, spend.

Bundle 1: Find, feel & focus on your dream clients

Defining where your dream client hangs out, their struggles and how you solve them. Learn how to use current client interviews, the value you're bringing and the added value you'll emphasise from now on, as well as content brainstorming and keyword basics.

Bundle 2: Discover, define and deploy your brand voice

Creating a brand voice personality (though a storyboard) and developing a thorough brand style guide (per channel, if necessary) to make sure your content is consistent and connection-focused.

Bundle 3: Create, commence, continue your plans

Outlining a list of goals and habits to achieve content and customer goals; adding deadlines, frequency and achievable next actions.

Bundle 4: Place, plan and put it out there!

Completing a theme & topic spreadsheet for 12 months’ worth of content, populating your content calendar for the year and scheduling relevant marketing.

At the end of the programme, this is what you get (for keeps!):

Current strategy audit for reference and comparison
Brand voice personality
Brand style guide
Defined list of goals for year + checklist for habits to achieve goals
Theme & topic spreadsheet for 12 months’ worth of content
Content calendar for the year
Template for contacting influencers/guest bloggers/mentors
About page kit